Volunteer Tour

Half day experience to add onto your own travel itinerary, Rolling admissions throughout the year

Cities in Peru, Ecuador, Mongolia, Cambodia, etc.


Average Group Size
Individual, or however many are in your traveling party

We’ve all been there - we graduate from school, and enter the world full of excitement to make an impact on the big world by building an illustrious career or solving the world’s biggest problems. Then we blink and find ourselves stuck in the rat race, realizing as years pass by that those dreams got pushed to the side. We start to wonder… is there more to life than this? We believe that giving and serving are the best ways to find that answer. Volunteer and give back to awaken that inner dreamer who once wanted to impact the world. These half day excursions can be tacked onto your existing travel itinerary, where you can explore and work at a participating Non-profit organization or social enterprise in your destination of travel. Broaden your perspective on the world, challenge yourself, and do something meaningful one step at a time.
  • Visit and volunteer at a non-profit organization by tacking on a half-day tour to your own travel itinerary
  • Learn about the realities and contribute to the needs of the area you are traveling to
  • 3-4 hours of volunteer service