Volunteer Adventure Tour

Half day experience to add onto your own travel itinerary, Rolling admissions throughout the year

Cities in Peru, Ecuador, Mongolia, Cambodia, etc.


Average Group Size
Individual, or however many are in your traveling party

With the advent of social media and the sheer increase of news distribution speed, mainstream awareness of world events has increased to unprecedented levels. People are much more aware of world events, realities, lifestyles, and challenges than ever before. With this knowledge, more people are as a whole becoming more socially conscious and wanting to make socially aware decisions where they can - whether it’s in eating habits, spending habits, or travel decisions. This Volunteer Adventure Tour is a way for travelers to make a conscientious decision while visiting a destination, and ultimately explore the realities and contribute to the needs of that community. Expand yourself, embark on an adventure, and cultivate long-term relationships and passions through this experience.
  • Visit and volunteer at a non-profit organization by tacking on a half-day tour to your own travel itinerary
  • Go on an adventure excursion on the way to or from the Non-profit Organization - e.g. bike tour of the city, jungle hike, etc.
  • Learn about the realities and contribute to the needs of the area you are traveling to
  • 2-3 hours of volunteer service