Immersive 2 week Trip to Peru (Sample Itinerary)


Ecuador: Amazon Jungle + a Main City + Option to Add-on a Galapagos Island Experience


Average Group Size
10-15 People

The founder of one of America’s premier adventure travel companies puts it wisely, “I wasn’t in the people transportation business, I was in the human transformation business.” We are firm believers in this philosophy, as travel and community service invariably provide opportunities for immense transformation and growth. By offering both culinary travel and community service in our trips, our goal is to ensure that foodists + travelers + volunteers receive just as much, if not more, of what they give back. We want people to be awakened, transformed, and inspired after a trip with The Kind Foodist.
  • Explore and learn new ingredients from the Amazon rain forest - broaden your perception of food and cooking
  • Taste the vibrant local cuisine, including home-cooked dishes with community members
  • Enjoy culinary adventure tours like hiking to chocolate farms or zip-lining to jungle gardens
  • Grow and develop personal life skills by volunteering at a partnering non-profit organization
  • Work on volunteer projects like children's educational programs at a small surfing village in Northern Peru
  • 20 hours of volunteer service