Autosuggestion is a very interesting concept that has since its inception in the early 1900’s become accepted by the mainstream culture, spawning related schools of thought like positive psychology, self-hypnotherapy, and the science of happiness. I came across it while reading Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, a classic business and personal development book that’s helped millions of business leaders around the world plan and achieve success.

The general idea of autosuggestion being that since everything in the universe is created and maintained by vibrations of energy, including what we consider to be mass, the vibrations of thought and voice can ultimately affect matter and life. For example, by repeating a positive mantra daily, one can influence the vibrations which make up the body’s chemicals, hormones, thoughts, emotions, etc.  Thereby even actions that are executed from that body result in outcomes that are aligned with that daily mantra – positive, healthy, and successful.

Renowned motivational speaker and life coach Tony Robbins calls them “affirmations,” thousands of years of religions call them prayers or meditation, medical science would probably liken it to the placebo effect, and pre-determinists might just call it hocus pocus. Whatever it is, research seems to suggest there is more to autosuggestion than just hopeful thinking.

I like to think of it as Mankind’s Superpower.

We can’t fly or see in the dark like some animals or superheroes, but we sure as hell can use our minds to do supernaturally ridiculous feats… like, say.. influence “fate”?

It certainly provides an optimistic vision of life and its outcomes, especially in the midst of post-modern beliefs that our world is steadily marching to its apocalyptic end as man continues to kill each other and use earth’s resources faster than it can replenish itself, and become spiritually void and evil in the process.

What can ONE person do – so far removed from the boardrooms of corporations, armies, or cabinet rooms – all imposing on the potential abundance and health of our grandchildren?

Well, one thing’s sure. I can start with myself. Whatever negative vibrations are sustaining life out there, I can choose to ring positive vibrations in my own thoughts, emotions, body, and thereby actions and outcomes to things, people, and events around me. It all starts with a positive thought. Then who knows what can happen… as the sum of all our parts is greater than the whole…

Some beginner tips on how to use autosuggestion in your own life.

The works of the man who developed this theory, Émile Coué.

Keep it kind.

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